California Career Zone - check it out!

The California CareerZone Web site already has many features, but the new enhancements include:
  • Make Money Choices: This feature asks users what kind of lifestyle they want to live, tells them how much it will cost, and links directly to information about jobs that could realistically support that lifestyle and salary.
  • Cost of College: This feature helps students find colleges that are good matches for their career choice and provides cost information.
  • Military Occupations: Users can search for jobs in the armed services by title or Military Occupation Code, see job profiles, and find equivalent civilian jobs. Users can also add military experience to the resume builder.
  • Career Surfer: This is a new application that students can download from iTunes and Google Play to begin exploring careers on their mobile devices.
  • Parent Guide: This feature offers parents advice on how to help their children explore careers.
  • User profile: Logged on users can see everything they are working on in one place―including plans, recently viewed items, assessment summaries, journals, and a list of upcoming events.