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AWR's, Logs, Progress Reports
AWR's are due by the Wednesday of the designated week

Forgot what to include each time?

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AWR paperwork

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AWR Due Dates

February 8
March 8
April 5
May 3
June 6

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Directions on printing Progress Reports
1. Log into Connections Academy here - Connections (

2. Find your student in the student list in your household and under the "Tools" column you should see an "A+" symbol - that is your student's grade book. Click on it and you'll see "Progress Report" next to the list of courses and grades on the right.

3. Click on the MOST CURRENT Progress Report date. It will be a date within a week of the Assignment Work Record due date.

4. Click Print up the the top of the page

5. Sign your name next to Learning Coach at the top and staple it to the AWR form and make sure all Connections classes are checked off.

6. If you have a PE log, Visual Performing Arts log or are participating in a local class, MJC class or ROP class, you will need to submit your log in addition to the Progress Report and AWR.